carpet in olathePicking the perfect carpet can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park, we offer a vast selection of different carpets with various pile types, fiber materials, and styles. To make the selection process easier, our experts have compiled a buying guide so you can quickly learn which carpet characteristics will be most important in your Olathe home!

Carpet Materials

The first step in choosing your ideal carpet will be to find the right material. This aspect will determine your carpet’s price, durability, longevity, and underfoot-feel. Synthetic carpets are the most commonly used in residential households, as they are affordable and durable. Polyester and olefin tend to be more affordable synthetic fibers, while nylon promises better durability and softness at a slightly higher price.

Natural carpet materials are also a wonderful option for Olathe homeowners. Wool is an eco-friendly carpet material that is luxuriously soft and surprisingly durable, but somewhat expensive. Plant-based carpets like jute, seagrass, or sisal are very eco-friendly and affordable, plus they are more hypoallergenic than synthetic carpet options, and they add a touch of style to any home.

Carpet Piles

The tufts of fiber that make up the surface of your carpet are called the pile. The pile can come in various heights and styles that will determine its softness and durability.

Pile Height

carpet in olathe

High, Cut Pile: Shag Carpet

Carpet piles can be high, like frieze and shag, or they can be short like Saxony and plush. Shorter piles tend to be more compact and stand upright, creating a denser surface that’s easy to clean. High piles will feel more luxurious and soft, but they will be more prone to flattening and crushing in heavily trafficked areas. For this reason, high pile carpets are a good choice for low-traffic areas like the bedroom, while low pile carpets are good for common areas like the living room or staircase.

Pile Style

Carpet fibers can come looped or cut. All carpets are originally looped in the factory, but these loops can be cut to allow the fibers to stand on end. Cut-looped fibers like Saxony or shag are more popular in residential areas because they create a soft, plush surface. Looped piles like Berber are common in high traffic areas, especially in commercial spaces, because they are denser and thus more durable.

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