There’s nothing like the softness of good carpet under your feet in the comfort of your Overland Park home! But a truly good carpet is also a comfort to the eyes. Would your home be served better by light carpet or dark carpet? Floor Coverings International® of has a few tips for choosing between light or dark when it comes to carpeting your home.

 Light Carpet

light dark carpet overland park

Here is the more traditional choice of the two. Light-colored carpet can give your home a fresh, clean vibe. Light colors can also be subtly different, like the distinction between cream and eggshell. It is definitely the more challenging option to maintain though. If your house sees a lot of traffic, you can expect your fresh, light carpet to show signs of dirt at times. Don’t worry though! Floor Coverings International® of has a few tips on carpet cleaning as well.

One way to prevent obvious stains and other carpet issues is to opt for a light shade of brown, not only so that stains will be less visible, but also for the warmth that a comfortable brown tone can bring to your Overland Park living room.

Dark Carpet

For a cozy vibe and a natural sense of calm, dark carpet is a fine choice. One major benefit to dark carpeting is that your floors will show fewer stains. Mud, wine, or anything that tends to land on carpet will be far more noticeable on lighter carpet. This may be the deciding factor in your choice if you live in a high-traffic home or a home with pets.One exception is extremely dark carpeting, like black or navy blue. While beautiful, these colors tend to show where many footsteps have occurred, so they might wear down and fade in these sections.

light dark carpet overland parkColor Tips

When selecting your carpet color along with the color of the room, it’s best to choose the carpet color first. This is because paint can be provided in so many different colors that it is much easier to find a paint that pairs well with the carpet of your choice. Carpet, walls, and ceiling will be the main sources of color in the room. The rule of opposites may be helpful to remember, too: for light carpet choose dark walls and vice versa.

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