Tile Spring Cleaning Tips for Leawood Homeowners

Spring is in full swing, and if you’ve been putting off your cleaning projects, now is a great time to get started! De-cluttering and dusting are great ways to practice spring-cleaning, but giving your floors a good scrub down is a more effective way to make your home sparkle this season. Tile flooring is especially... Read more »

Is Stair Carpeting Right for Your Overland Park Home?

Carpet has always been a popular option for bedrooms, living rooms, and dens, but we at Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park have noticed carpet making its way onto more and more staircases. If you are considering adding carpet to your staircase, read on to see why so many Overland Park homeowners have already done... Read more »

Maintaining Your Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a great, eco-friendly option for many Olathe homeowners. At Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park we know that choosing new flooring and having it installed can be a big investment. We want to assist you in protecting this investment with some tips to help you maintain your new cork flooring. Preventative Measures... Read more »

Interview with Local Interior Designer Teresa Sicks

Here at Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park, we understand that redesigning a single room let alone an entire home is an incredibly daunting task. For that reason, we reached out to local interior designer Teresa Sicks to talk to us about her advice when it comes to home design. Take a look here at... Read more »

Staying Warm in the Olathe Winter

During wintertime here in Olathe, many homeowners turn to the thermostat to stay warm. However, there are other ways to keep your home warm without upping the energy bill this season. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park have compiled a few methods you can try for staying extra warm this winter!... Read more »

Infographic: Guest-Proof Your Olathe Home For The Holidays

The holidays are a time for gathering, and if you're the host this season you'll want to consider guest-proofing your home. Prepare your floors for shoes, spills, and dropped dishes with these tips from the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park! We even have some suggestions for easy-to-install, durable, and beautiful flooring -... Read more »

Olathe Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2017

Hardwood flooring is incredibly popular in homes throughout the country because it is so timeless. Once installed, a hardwood floor is not only durable enough to last for decades, but it is also beautiful and traditional enough to be deemed attractive even as trends change. That being said, the hardwood flooring industry sees the rise... Read more »

Best Flooring Choices for Your Overland Park Home Office

When it comes to your home office, the type of flooring you choose matters just as much as your ergonomic chair or personalized coffee mug. To help customize your space to best fit your needs, the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park have created a list of the top flooring choices for your... Read more »

Natural Flooring Trends for Overland Park Homeowners

While synthetic flooring has given rise to unique innovations like luxury vinyl and wood-look tile, nothing compares to natural floors. From hardwood to travertine tile, the experts here at Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park love natural flooring. Below are our top three favorite natural flooring choices and the unique qualities they can bring to... Read more »

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