One of the hottest flooring options in Leawood in 2018 boasts durability, high-quality sophistication, and versatility. Floor Coverings International® of Overland Park is proud to bring laminate flooring to Leawood homeowners! From a versatile array of patterns, textures, and styles, we’ve identified the top laminate trends of 2018.

Wood-Look Laminate

Improvements in color, texture, and grain patterns have made laminate one of the best hardwood alternatives available. Wood-look laminate encompasses the vast majority of laminate flooring in Leawood and beyond. Laminate flooring gives you more control and versatility when choosing color and grain pattern, giving you more customization and control over the appearance of your floors.

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Contrast is Key

Strong neutrals are in: we’ve noticed many homeowners opting for very dark and very light laminate flooring. Unlike real hardwood, laminate is readily available in a variety of saturated and dramatic shades.

For an ultra-modern look, pair dark laminate flooring with light decor. Dark flooring creates a sense of elegance and class, while light decor provides a brightening effect that ensures your home is inviting and well-lit.

Light laminate flooring will give your home an open, airy, and striking appearance. Light floors are often seen in Scandinavian design, paired with minimalist furniture to create a bright and functional interior.

For those who just can’t get enough contrast in their home, a combination of light and dark laminate can be used to give your home intriguing visual impact. Pair this strong look with muted and monochromatic furnishing.

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Texture Makes a Difference

In the past, laminate was easily identified by its hyper-smooth finish, which set it apart from real hardwood. Innovations in technology, however, have made it possible to create laminate that closely mimics the texture and grain of real wood. To most observers, textured laminate is virtually indistinguishable from real wood and comes at a fraction of the cost. Textured laminate is the perfect way to achieve a rustic wood look without compromising on cost.

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