If you are planning on remodeling a bathroom in your Overland Park home, consider upgrading your fiberglass shower to tile. Tile’s wide range of materials, colors, and designs allow endless possibility. Read on for five tile designs recommended by the team at Floor Coverings International KC South.

white subway tile shower in Overland ParkWhite Subway Tile

White subway tile is popular for shower walls due to the clean, modern design it creates. Generally, this tile type is installed in a brickwork pattern, with each successive row shifting over by half the length of the tile. However, you can also install it in a straight pattern for a unique look.

travertine shower tile in Overland ParkTravertine Slabs

Natural stone brings a look of luxury to any space it’s used in. Travertine tile’s warm coloring also brings a calming feel to the room. Use large, 12×24 or 24×24 inch slabs to open up the space. In particular, this tile type works well for walk-in shower designs.

wood-look tile shower in Overland ParkWood-look Tile

Wood-look tile provides a unique design for shower walls. This gives your shower the look of a wooden sauna, paired with the water-resistance of porcelain tile. Choose between installing these plank tiles in a horizontal or vertical layout for different effects.

herringbone marble mosaic shower tile in Overland ParkHerringbone Marble Mosaic

For a more intriguing layout, place mosaic tiles in a herringbone pattern. Marble tile, in particular, looks very elegant in this design. If you are concerned with the maintenance associated with natural stone, swap out the marble with a ceramic look-alike product.

vertical accent strip in Overland Park showerIncorporate An Accent Strip

Another popular design choice for tile showers is the use of an accent strip. Accent strips are typically placed around shoulder height and wrap around the full length of the shower walls. Alternatively, some accent strips stretch vertically along a single wall. Both are excellent ways to liven up a design.

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