home office flooring overland parkWhen it comes to your home office, the type of flooring you choose matters just as much as your ergonomic chair or personalized coffee mug. To help customize your space to best fit your needs, the experts at Floor Coverings International KC South have created a list of the top flooring choices for your Overland Park home office.

Cork Flooring

You may have heard about how eco-friendly cork flooring is, but have you heard about its other benefits? Cork’s cellular structure is full of tiny air bubbles. This porous quality makes cork a great insulator, as it will trap warmth and regulate your office’s temperature. These air bubbles also make cork very forgiving underfoot. If you spend a lot of time standing or pacing in your office, your joints will be grateful for the cushiony nature of cork flooring.

Despite its internal porosity, cork’s surface is very smooth and anti-static, making it a hypoallergenic surface that does not trap dust or allergens. Of course, to top all of this off, cork is a readily renewable and biodegradable resource, making it a wonderful choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Natural Carpet or Area Rugs

Like cork, carpet is always a great choice for a home office because it provides cushion underfoot for standers and pacers. However, we love natural carpets in particular for their unique appearance and lack of chemicals. Sisal and seagrass are a couple of our favorite plant-based carpets, as they are hypoallergenic and great for chemical-sensitive individuals.

Sisal and seagrass are both very durable, and unlike fibrous synthetic carpets, they will not show marks or wear from your rolling chair. Seagrass in particular is naturally stain and liquid resistant, so you won’t need to fret if you spill your coffee on this carpet. Both of these carpets are all natural and free of chemicals, making them a fresh, non-toxic choice for the room you spend a lot of time in.

Luxury Vinyl Flooringluxury vinyl plank overland park

Unlike sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl comes in thick tiles or planks that are made to emulate real stone or hardwood. However, unlike stone or hardwood, luxury vinyl is very resistant against surface scratches and stains. You can also pair it with a cork underlayment to give your floor a boost of comfort.

Go with luxury vinyl plank to get the beautiful hardwood look without the time-consuming installation process. Choose luxury vinyl tile to get a stylish stone look but without the cold hard feel of real stone. Both luxury vinyl styles are great if your pet spends time with you in your office, because many forms of luxury vinyl are waterproof!

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