Carpet OlatheWhen it comes to choosing a new carpet, there are many decisions to make. You’ve probably spent plenty of time picking out the color and cut you’d like to see in your new flooring, but have you explored your fiber-material options? Our experts here at Floor Coverings International KC South know that choosing a material for your carpet can be daunting, so we’ve complied a list of the most popular fiber types to help make your decision making process easier.

Synthetic Carpet Fibers

Synthetic carpets are by far the most popular choice when it comes to wall-to-wall carpeting. The top three synthetic fiber types are nylon, polyester, and olefin. Homeowners prefer these fibers because they are affordable, durable, and overall comfortable. While nylon tends to be the most popular choice out of these synthetic fiber types, polyester and olefin both have a number of perks to offer.

Nylon, Polyester, or Olefin?

Nylon fiber carpets are the preferred choice for broadloom carpeting because they are highly durable and incredibly soft. Nylon has great resiliency and tends to stay in place, meaning it won’t unravel or crush after extended use. Its added softness will make it a great choice for high traffic rooms. Polyester is a less expensive fiber type. While it is very soft underfoot, it is not as durable or as long lasting as nylon. Olefin is the third common synthetic fiber. It is also inexpensive, and it has the added bonus of being highly durable. However, olefin is not considered to be very soft.

Natural Fiber Types

There are a wide variety of natural carpet fiber types available for homeowners who prefer to stick to all-natural flooring. Unlike synthetic carpets, natural carpets are eco-friendly. Some are hypoallergenic, and others are even biodegradable. Natural carpet is more commonly used in area rugs because it can get a little pricy. Products range from the ultra soft wool or cotton carpet to tough carpets like coir and seagrass.

Wool Carpeting vs. Plant Based Fibers

Wool is the most commonly used natural carpet fiber type. It offers incredible softness and is a great insulator. Wool can be expensive, but it is also highly durable and long lasting. Keep it out of moisture and spill prone rooms to prevent it from becoming moldy. Plant based carpets like coir, jute, sisal, and seagrass all have their own unique qualities. Like wool, these are all eco-friendly and are preferred by chemical-sensitive homeowners. Seagrass is a popular fiber type because it is durable, water resistant, and hypoallergenic. Sisal and coir make for popular area rugs because they aren’t incredibly soft but are highly durable.

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