Overland Park VinylVinyl flooring innovations have exploded in recent years, with quality and options reaching new heights of creativity. Vinyl now allows for highly realistic versions of wood grain, tile, stone, metal, and other specialty surfaces. Luxury vinyl styles are even more convincing and realistic, emulating surfaces that would otherwise be too expensive or impractical for certain rooms. The experts at Floor Coverings International KC South outline the features and benefits of vinyl flooring below!


Vinyl flooring tends to be an extremely cost effective flooring option. While luxury styles may cost a bit more, these options are still far more affordable than the hardwood or expensive tile styles they are emulating.


Vinyl flooring is resistant to water damage and staining. It’s comprised of four layers: a fiberglass or felt backing, a protective urethane topcoat, an expertly printed design/image layer, and clear vinyl. While vinyl can be dented or scuffed in extreme cases, tile style vinyl flooring allows for relatively easy replacement of any areas that become visibly damaged.


Vinyl flooring is available in rolled sheets, planks, and tiles. However, more compellingly, it is also available in a huge array of designs that simulate your favorite wood, stone, ceramic, or other flooring options. Some of the premium styles are very convincing and “fool” most people into thinking they are treading on the real deal.

However, beyond the cost, durability, and design options available in vinyl flooring, the manner in which it is installed can bring new heights of creativity and style to any room. The following are some installation ideas for vinyl flooring to consider when re-doing your home’s floors:

Multiple Tile Types

When using plank or tile style vinyl flooring, consider using more than one style in a checkerboard or other alternating pattern. The differences in the tile don’t need to be extreme. Subtle differences in color, wood grain, or finish can bring a unique and contemporary look.

Consider Plank Flow

Arranging vinyl planks to flow vertically in a room’s longest dimension can help it to look larger than it actually is. However, you might also consider installing vinyl planks in a diagonal configuration to add more interest to the space.

Try Unique Patterns

Why settle for a traditional checkerboard pattern or “expected” installation? Consider a unique configuration like a herringbone, chevron, or basket weave type of arrangement. You might also consider a bolder Aztec or geometric patterned look to make your floor the central design element in a larger room.

Mixing Media

Change things up by mixing very different looks, such as wood and stone, or faux metal and marble vinyl tiles. The results can be extremely dramatic and compelling.

Vinyl flooring is now available in an unprecedented range of colors, styles, finishes, hues, textures, and tile sizes. With its versatility, durability, and affordable cost, it is fast becoming a favorite with homeowners. Consider these exciting and innovative possibilities when remodeling or choosing a new flooring material and design. The experts at Floor Coverings International KC South will help you select the perfect vinyl flooring! Give us a call to schedule your free in-home design consultation today. We proudly serve the greater Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood areas.

Photo Credit: Photographee.eu