Hardwood floors are durable, beautiful, and add a classic look to your home. However, hardwood can’t be installed in every room of the house and can sometimes be too expensive for homeowners. If you’re looking for a floor that looks like hardwood but can resist moisture and requires less maintenance, we have some options for you. The experts at Floor Coverings International KC South share their three favorite hardwood look-alikes below!Kansas City South Hardwood

Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look porcelain tile is one of the newest flooring trends. The tiles are made in a number of different shapes, looks, and sizes, including plank-like rectangles that further enhance the highly convincing illusion of wood. Realistic patterns and textures make it hard to tell the difference between wood-look tile and hardwood. The tiles are very easy to clean and require little day-to-day maintenance. If you don’t love the thought of cold tile flooring throughout the home, you can even install under-floor heating to keep your feet warm.

Laminate Hardwood

Kansas City South Hardwood

Laminate hardwood comes in a wide variety of different patterns and colors of wood, and even has the same feel of it. Out of the three, laminate most closely resembles hardwood. It’s affordable, easy to install, and very durable. Unlike hardwood, laminate can be installed in any room of the house, including bathrooms and basements. Laminate is also very easy to maintain, just sweep often to remove dirt and clean up spills as they happen.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

While you may think of vinyl as an old-fashioned look, it has come a long way in recent years! Today, luxury vinyl can replicate almost any type of hardwood with realistic details like texturing and beveled edges. Vinyl is low maintenance, durable, and affordable. Kansas City South HardwoodIt is also quieter to the step than hardwood and not as cold or hard on the feet as wood-look tile. With proper care, vinyl can last for a significant amount of time.

Now that you have a few hardwood alternatives to pick from, it’s time to get to work on your new flooring project! Give the experts at Floor Coverings International KC South a call today to schedule your free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve the greater Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood areas.

Photo Credit: Kitch Bain, Roman R, & 10 FACE