It’s a lot of hard work, but a fresh load of laundry epitomizes the idea of clean. That scent, that feel; there’s nothing like it. So why do our laundry rooms have to be so, well…gross? At Floor Coverings International KC South we approach this problem from the ground up to offer you the right flooring solution for your laundry room woes. Learn how these three water-repellant flooring options can freshen up your Overland Park laundry room.

Vinyl SolutionsLaundry Room Tile Flooring in Overland Park, KC South

Your laundry room is a functional space and the flooring there should be worry-free and highly water-resistant. This isn’t the place to install a mahogany hardwood floor or an expensive, high-pile carpet. Your best bet is something that’s inexpensive, and virtually impermeable to water. Vinyl is a great flooring material that has these attributes, and it’s also very durable so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear in this high-traffic area.

Vinyl comes in a variety of looks to please any design palate. This type of flooring can be glued down to the subfloor, and some varieties even come with a pre-glued backing for easy installation. If your subfloor is uneven and hard to work with, pick vinyl planks that snap together for a goof-proof install.

Try Tile

Cleaning Tile Flooring in Overland Park, KC SouthYou can also use ceramic tiles for your laundry room floor. Like vinyl, they’re durable and waterproof. Some homeowners prefer the classic look of ceramic, but when the grout between your ceramic tiles starts to age, you’ll have to deal with staining. If upkeep is really lackluster, mold can even be an issue.

Low-Pile Carpeting

If slipperiness in the laundry room is your main concern you can try a “low-pile” carpet. This carpeting style is found in corporate and commercial spaces and some varieties are water resistant. Low-pile carpet flooring in Overland Park KC SouthCarpeting might not seem like an intuitive choice for the damp laundry room, but it offers insulation benefits and is comfortable to stand on while doing household chores.

Our team at Floor Coverings International KC South we would love to help you improve your Overland home with the perfect laundry room floor. Whatever your flooring needs, we invite you to call our team for a free in-home design consultation in Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood and surrounding areas.

Pictures by Artazum, Virunja, Jenn Hul.