Redesign Your Room, Kansas City South

Getting tired of having the same old look in your home? Want to change things up but don’t have the budget to do a complete room makeover? Consider making some small, inexpensive changes that will give you the feeling of a whole new room, without a high price tag.

Accessorize Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful and their classic style should be displayed proudly. Still, even hardwood can be spruced up and accessorized a bit, and you should consider doing so in order to give your room an update. We suggest adding an area rug to the main part of the room, under your furniture. This will break up your room a bit and actually help create the perception of more space. Another option is to add carpet runners along the high-traffic areas. This will not only add another style dimension to the room, it will also protect your beautiful floor where it needs it most.

Throw Some Pillows

You spend a lot of time in the living room, and it’s easy for it to begin to feel stale. An easy change you can make is to add some new throw pillows to your sofa or loveseat to dress them up a bit. It’s a good idea to choose colors that contrast with your furniture and flooring so that you get a splash of color and a more distinctive, exciting look.

Do A Wall Art Swap

Another simple trick to change up your look is to swap out your wall art. This can be something as simple as exchanging art between rooms, but you might also consider picking up some new art to freshen your décor. The more DIY-inclined among you might even consider taking on an art project yourself, or planning one with the whole family. It can be a lot of fun to do some abstract painting and you just might come up with something worth displaying front and center. Just remember, anyone can splatter paint.


Buying new couches or chairs is rather expensive, and you may already have a set that you like. If you’d like to create a new look in your home but you are otherwise pretty happy with what you have, consider recovering. This is a great way to get what is basically new furniture at a small fraction of the cost. And, bonus, the covers are removable, so you can throw them in the wash if they need to be cleaned.


One last idea for getting the feel of a new room without replacing what you have is to simply rearrange the room. This is a great way to give the illusion of a whole new space without much hassle or investment. Rearranging also gives you an opportunity to clean those neglected spaces behind large pieces. Tap into your creativity and find entirely new layout possibilities.

Photo Credit: Victor Zastolskiy