Kansas City HardwoodThere are a lot of reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your home or business. One of those reasons is that hardwood flooring adds a beautiful depth and warmth to your home. The experts at Floor Coverings International KC South talk about a few different specialty hardwood flooring options that really shine.

Why Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, durable, and adds value to any home. You can pick from hundreds of different styles that will truly match your personal design aesthetic. Besides the type of wood flooring available, you can shop for color, texture, grain pattern, distressed, and luster.

What is Specialty Hardwood Flooring?

Usually, specialty hardwood flooring is something that differentiates the flooring from the standard realm of products. That might be the type of wood, such as redwood, or it could be a unique texture, such as distressed wood. For the sake of design, consider specialty flooring anything that is not standard.

Why Consider Specialty Hardwood Flooring?

There are a couple of reasons that people search out and install specialty hardwood. One of those reasons is that they want to create something that is different from what everyone else has. That little bit of ambition is valuable if you are planning on selling your home. While you can say that you have hardwood flooring, you can also say that it is unique. That uniqueness is something that makes your house different from the rest.

Another reason to opt for specialty hardwood flooring is because you want it to perform a specific function. Maybe you live in a tropical area and you want a product that repels moisture. One such option would be bamboo, which is more moisture resistant than solid hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring Mixes Well with Other Flooring Types

Hardwood flooring looks great in any room of the house, and can be mixed with natural stone, tile, and even carpeting. Turning a house into a home or a business into a place of commerce is often a personal experience. Specialty hardwoods help to make your place feel unique. There are a lot of options out there for flooring.

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