Carpet living room in OlatheWhen it comes to eco-friendly flooring, we often hear about the benefits of materials such as cork, bamboo, and reclaimed hardwoods, but we don’t often hear about sustainable carpet flooring. With an increasing number of Olathe homeowners seeking green flooring options, our experts at Floor Coverings International KC South want to share a few sustainable carpet solutions for your next home project.

Renewable Materials

One of the most environmentally friendly carpeting materials is wool. Made from the hair of sheep, wool is a renewable resource with numerous benefits including its ability to resist mold, naturally insulate, and absorb air pollutants. Although it is more expensive than other carpet materials, wool carpeting tends to last significantly longer under proper maintenance. Nylon is another excellent choice because it’s durable, cost-effective, and can be used in many different carpet styles. Newer types of nylon fibers can also be used, recycled, and reused to make new carpet over and over, making it a great option for eco-friendly flooring.


When considering carpet flooring, it’s equally important to consider the type of padding you choose, and there are several recycled and environmentally friendly materials available to consumers. Choose padding made from wool and other recycled natural fibers, and try to avoid synthetic materials that often emit toxins and other pollutants in the manufacturing process.

Carpet Recycling

Out with the old, in with the new! Replacing your carpet comes with many benefits, including the simple joy in getting rid of carpeting that’s worn-out and dated. However, it’s important to think of where that old carpet is going. Many manufacturers now provide carpet removal programs that help keep post-consumer carpet out of landfills and recycle the material to be reused for new carpets. In fact, one of our main carpet suppliers, Shaw, produces several carpeting options made from 100% recycled material, which are great options for a green home.

When you decide to refresh your home with new carpeting, call Floor Coverings International KC South. We provide homeowners in the greater Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood areas with free quotes, easy installation, and peace of mind with a variety of eco-friendly flooring options.

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