Carpet is the most popular bedroom flooring choice for homeowners here in Olathe. People want their bedroom to be comfortable and warm, and carpet flooring fits the bill for those requirements. When choosing your carpet, you need to make sure that the texture, fiber, and color are perfect for the desired look and feel of your bedroom. Your flooring experts at Floor Coverings International KC South have three of the best carpeting choices for your bedroom.

Berberberber bedroom carpet Olathe

Berber is a tightly looped style of carpet that originates from the weaving techniques of the Berber people of North Africa. It can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, nylon, and olefin fibers. We tend to suggest that homeowners choose wool Berber for the bedroom and other frequently used areas of the home. Its dense style makes it more stain and spill resistant than other carpets. Coming in neutral and blended colors like light brown and white, Berber will give your bedroom a warm and comfortable feel.

Frieze frieze bedroom carpet Olathe

Frieze consists of long twisted and curled yarn that will give your bedroom a relaxed ambiance. Frieze’s long strands make it very comfortable and soft underfoot. It requires little maintenance, though spills can be harder to clean up than other carpets due to its crimpled look. Like Berber, frieze comes in a wide variety of neutral and blended tones from light brown to grey and will add great texture to your bedroom. Frieze is highly durable because of its high twist and how the strands typically lay on the side.


Plush is a type of cut pile carpeting where individual strands stand up from the initial backing material. Strands are uniform and very dense, which give it an incredibly cushiony feeling underfoot. The luscious feel of plush carpeting makes it an ideal choice for your bedroom in Olathe. If a spill occurs on plush, be sure to clean it up immediately, as it can soak up quicker than other carpets. Unlike Berber and frieze, plush tends to come only in solid color styles that may not hide stains as well as carpeting with a textured appearance.

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