What better time to freshen up your home than at the start of a new year? Give yourself the gift of new flooring this season by upgrading to something durable, practical, and stylish. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International KC South have compiled the top flooring picks for Leawood homeowners going into 2018.

Luxury Vinyl Flooringluxury vinyl flooring leawood

Luxury vinyl was a favorite flooring choice amongst homeowners in 2017. This flooring comes in stone-look tiles or wood-look planks that appear strikingly similar to their natural counterparts. Luxury vinyl is a practical, durable, and affordable choice for a homeowner whose 2018 goal is to lead a more efficient life.

How is luxury vinyl flooring tied to efficiency? This flooring is quick and easy to install, as the interlocking planks or tiles can be placed over most existing floors. Once installed, this flooring is much easier to maintain than real stone or hardwood, as it does not require special cleaners, sealing, or refinishing. Finally, luxury vinyl is very durable. It is more resistant to scratching and water damage than stone or wood floors, making this a practical yet beautiful choice for homeowners with messy kids or rambunctious pets.

Cork Flooring

If you want 2018 to be a year of rejuvenation, then consider installing cork flooring in your home. Cork is incredibly eco-friendly. It is derived from a readily renewable resource, it is biodegradable, and it is a wonderful insulator that helps homeowners cut back on electricity usage. Not only is cork kind on the earth, but it can also be kind on one’s body, too.

Cork’s porous cellular structure makes it very comfortable underfoot. This is a great choice for rooms where you spend a lot of time standing, as its cushiony surface will help to cut back on joint pain. Cork flooring is also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for homeowners with allergies. Finally, this floor comes in natural, earthy tones with a unique graining, making this a stylish yet soothing flooring choice.

Wide Plank Hardwoodwide plank hardwood leawood

Wide plank hardwood has been trending over the recent years, so this is a great choice for homeowners looking to boost their home’s style in 2018. Long, wide planks (5 inches or wider) show off the wood’s natural features, like unique graining and knots. Wider planks also make a room feel larger and less busy, as there are fewer seams to distract the eye.

Dark, blonde, and gray stains are popular color choices for hardwood floors. Blonde wood provides a light, bright look that makes a room seem larger and can disguise scratches and dings. Dark wood provides a warm, sophisticated look that is perfect for making a statement. Gray hardwood has risen to popularity for its cool, modern feel. These are all classy colors that will remain in style for years to come.

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Photo Credit: Dagmar Breu, Alexandre Zveiger