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The area rug is a highly recommended option in floor decor for many reasons. While wall-to-wall carpet is also a popular choice in Olathe homes, there is something quite special about area rugs. They can bring a lot of carpet’s positive qualities to your floors, but they also feature some real advantages over traditional carpet.

You know that if the carpet experts at Floor Coverings International® KC South are recommending area rugs, there must be something to it. Let’s explore that something together!

Practical Benefits of Area Rugs

Area rugs are easier to manage than their traditional carpet cousins. For one, they are faster and more convenient to clean by a huge margin. Send them off to the rug-cleaning pros, or take them to your own garage for simplified cleaning without worrying about the floors beneath the rug.

Area rugs are easily relocated to new rooms if you decide that they are a better fit for another part of your home. Without worrying about tearing up carpet, you can mix and match area rugs until you find their ultimate home within your home. Additionally, if your area rug becomes damaged, it is easily replaced without the need for extensive floor work.

The Design Benefits of Area Rugs

When it comes to area rug design, the sky's the limit. Choose from a practically never-ending range of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and fiber materials. The plethora of area rugs available allows for interior design artists to choose an area rug last, since there is a high chance of finding one to match a room’s existing design.

Place an area rug in a room with carpet or without, place it in the center of a room to tie other components together, or place it beneath certain furniture pieces to create a little island in the kingdom of your home. Use area rugs to customize the look and feel of your home as you see fit.

Things to Remember About Area Rugs

Be sure to purchase an area rug that comes with a good backing on its underside. If an area rug has solid traction, you won’t have to worry about it slipping around the floor, or worse, causing someone in your home to slip and fall. Area rugs may also work as a temporary solution to unsightly or damaged floor sections, but if too much of the floor has suffered damage, then you must give the professionals a call!

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