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If you’re looking into a new carpet installation for your home, you should consider Berber carpeting. Named for the Berber tribes of Northern African, this attractive and versatile style is one of the most popular options among Kansas City, KS, homeowners.

Loop-Pile Carpeting

The distinguishing trait of Berber carpeting is its unique “loop-pile” carpet strands. Instead of single strands of carpet rising from the floor, each carpet fiber is looped back again and stitched into the carpet. The result is a carpet that’s firm and uniform all around.

Why People Love Berber Carpeting

Besides feeling great on bare feet, Berber carpeting is a highly durable carpet option. Because the loops are woven so tightly together, the carpet retains its shape even under heavy foot traffic, and won’t as easily show years of wear and tear like other kinds of carpeting.

With traditional carpet, it’s easy for dirt and debris to fall in between the loose fibers. This isn’t the case with Berber carpeting where dirt will tend to rest on top. This is even the case with spills. If discovered quickly, most spilled liquids can be wiped away before they have a chance to be absorbed into the carpet.

While Berber is available in a wide variety of colors and hues, many of them are speckled with brown or gray fibers. If you choose one of these kinds of carpets, you’ll find the mottled coloration is effective at concealing stains, making them perfect for homes with kids and pets. Do note, however: if you have a cat that likes to claw at furniture, Berber may be too tempting of a target for them to resist.

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