Stair Carpet Runners at Floor Coverings International in Kansas City, KS

Carpeting the floors in your Kansas City home can be a great decision, but it doesn’t always end there. The stairs can be carpeted as well! Stair carpet runners are long lengths of carpeting installed down the staircase. Each step is covered by some width of the carpet, usually spanning most of the step’s width. Floor Coverings International Kansas City South recommends stair runners for their comfort and functionality.

The Feel

Carpet is nearly always a warmer option than plain hardwood, so carpet runners tend to keep your feet warm as you traverse your staircase. Carpet runners will be softer and more comfortable to the touch than the hard surface underneath, and this alone may be enough to convince you to opt for carpet stair runners!

The Function

Stair use can create quite a racket for those on the lower levels. If this is a bothersome issue in your home, carpet stair runners can be employed to absorb the noise created during stair use.

But more importantly, carpet stair runners can ensure safety on the stairs, where falls have more serious potential. Carpet stair runners enhance grip while on the steps, which can be a welcome alternative to the slippery hardwood or vinyl beneath. This is especially helpful for children and the elderly, who are more prone to staircase accidents.

The safest option for carpet stair runners is something tight-looped with low pile, both for durability and sure footing. Carpet with cut fibers or high piles like shag can wrap over the steps in a way that causes false footing, leading to potential falls.

Since stairs are such a high traffic area, any carpet installed here should be exceptionally durable.

Carpet Runner Decor

Carpet stair runners are an excellent option for tying a staircase to surrounding areas of the home. The runners come in many colors and designs and can be just the thing to really make an interior home design pop. The width of your stair runners is up to you. For a minimalist approach, you can go with a more narrow strip. A wide strip tends to have a more grandiose feel.

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