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Considering hardwood flooring for your Overland Park home? Ash hardwood floors are an excellent choice. The durability of ash hardwood makes it suitable for rooms with higher traffic, while its various colors and patterns add visual appeal. Floor Coverings International® KC South proudly supplies ash hardwood flooring, as both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, throughout Overland Park.

Benefits of Ash Hardwood


Typically light in color, ash hardwood flooring can brighten any room. The coloring is flexible, however. Light ash hardwood is made from the sapwood, or the outside of the ash tree. Ash flooring in light to medium brown is most often made from the heartwood. Darker ash looks very similar to red oak hardwood.

While natural ash is most often light, it can be stained almost any color. Ash holds stain very well, giving it versatility in appearance.

Both the natural color and grain of ash are distinct and attractive. The grain of ash is typically smooth and straight, which creates a sleek and understated style. However, waves and curls can also be present in the grain. Ash is a very versatile wood, with great variety in color and pattern.


Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable options available, often lasting a lifetime, and ash hardwood is no exception. The hardness of ash creates flooring that is resilient to scratching and denting. The Janka Hardness Scale lists ash as 2% harder than red oak. Ash also has excellent shock resistance, which is why it’s often used for tools and baseball bats.


Ash hardwood is sourced sustainably from forests in Pennsylvania. Grown throughout the eastern and central United States, ash is populous and thriving. For environmentally-conscious buyers, ash hardwood is an ideal choice.

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