Walnut Hardwood Flooring at Floor Coverings International in Kansas City, KS

What is it?

Walnut flooring is a variety of hardwood known for its chocolate brown tone and subtle color variation. This style is guaranteed to add warmth and personality to your Kansas City South home without being too dramatic.

Walnut Hardwood Flooring Pros

Durable—Like other hardwoods walnut is durable and tends to last a long time. It’s highly resistant to water and mold, so homeowners don’t need to be cautious about mopping their floors like with other hardwoods. It can also be easily vacuumed, making it perfect for busy homes.

Timeless—The rich brown tone of walnut hardwood flooring tends to create a warm, classic feel. The color isn’t too light or dark and therefore compliments a wide range of furniture. Its slight color variation is also striking without being over the top. In comparison to rustic or hand-scraped hardwood this variety is less dramatic, which is great for homeowners that are looking for a visually appealing hardwood that isn’t quite so polarizing.

Walnut Hardwood Flooring Cons

Can Be Expensive—Due to its high quality and refined color variation, walnut can be more expensive than other hardwood varieties. Some walnut hardwood styles are less expensive than others, something homeowners can take advantage of. Additionally, you could also install walnut flooring in large, heavily populated areas of your home, like the kitchen or living room. In more infrequently trafficked rooms, like your home office or bedrooms, you could finish with less expensive flooring.

Difficult to Install—Much like other hardwood floors, walnut flooring can be difficult to install. Luckily, our design experts can complete your walnut installation from start to finish.

Here at Floor Coverings International® KC South we’d love to help you find the perfect hardwood floors for your home. Walnut hardwood flooring is a great option, although we do provide a wide selection. We proudly serve the greater Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!

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