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Here at Floor Coverings International® KC South, we have a diverse selection of natural stone tile to choose from. Each type of stone tile comes with it’s own unique set of properties, but it’s hard to beat the elegance that a marble tile floor provides. We’ve compiled a list of marble basics a Leawood homeowner should know before investing in this beautiful, natural flooring.

What is Marble?

Marble stone forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure. It is quarried from the earth and cut into slabs that are commonly used for flooring, backsplashes, countertops, and sometimes even construction. Since it forms naturally, each slab of marble will be unique. This natural stone comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, green, and pink. Marble tiles can be honed, tumbled, or polished to create different looks.

Marble Tile Water and Stain Resistance

As a member of the limestone family, marble tile can be porous. Unless the marble is polished, this means that a spilled liquid can seep into the stone and leave behind color that cleaners can’t reach, resulting in a stain. This is especially true of acidic liquids like coffee or orange juice, as the acidity has a negative reaction with the limestone in marble.

Stains are often preventable with the proper sealant, as long as you reseal the tile when necessary. Despite this, you should still be especially careful with acidic liquids and use only pH neutral, stone-friendly cleaners on marble. Marble is permeable and not ideal for high-moisture rooms like the bathroom, but you can safely use it in a foyer, dining room, or other dry area.

Marble Flooring Durability

All stone tile flooring is dense and hard, making it difficult to scratch or dent. However, marble is a porous stone, making it slightly more susceptible to surface scratches. These can be especially visible on a polished marble floor. To prevent such scratches, keep your marble floors clear of grit and other particles by sweeping them regularly. A polished marble floor will not be super compatible with high heels or pet nails, although scratching can be prevented with rugs, runners, and general caution.

Marble Cost and Installation

Stone floors, including marble, are not easy to install. Stone is heavier than ceramic or porcelain, making it more difficult to cut and place. It is important to have your marble tile installed by a professional so as to ensure that it is sealed properly to avoid potential water damage.

As a natural stone, marble is an investment. This flooring is more expensive than ceramic or porcelain, but in turn it can increase the resale value of your home. Pair it with in-floor radiant heating for an all-around luxurious experience.

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