Sandstone Tile Flooring at Floor Coverings International in Kansas City, KS

Bring the natural beauty of stone into your Olathe home with sandstone tile! Floor Coverings International® KC South is proud to bring sandstone tile flooring straight to Olathe homeowners.

Benefits of Sandstone Tile Flooring

Visually Appealing

Sandstone tile is a beautiful option for your home. The distinct wave-like pattern of sandstone is eye-catching and stunning, while its neutral shades bring warmth and elegance.


The natural origins of sandstone guarantee a completely unique flooring, with a versatile array of colors and patterns. Sandstone is available in a variety of shades, including tan, red, gray, white, and black. The pattern of sandstone can be obvious and distinct, or subtle and muted. Polishing sandstone will enhance the visual effect of this pattern, while a matte or honed finish will give your sandstone tile a more rustic, understated appeal.


Natural stone is a long-lasting option for your home. Though sandstone doesn't match the hardness of granite or marble, it’s still a durable flooring option. When treated to reduce porosity, sandstone can hold up well in damp areas.

Where Can I Use Sandstone Tiling?

Sandstone could be an unexpected and stunning addition to living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways. For a classic look, choose sandstone for your kitchen. Sandstone will also work well outdoors and in bathrooms, though it should be treated to improve water resistance first.

Caring for Sandstone Tile

Stick to gentle, basic cleansers for your sandstone. Acidic substances - such as fruit juice, soda, and acidic cleansers - can cause permanent discoloration. Polished sandstone is more prone to showing scratches than sandstone with a matte finished. To avoid scratches, be careful when moving furniture, and sweep regularly to remove abrasive debris.

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