carpet tiles in olatheCarpet tiles, also known as carpet squares, are a very popular style of carpet that is most commonly found in public buildings such as schools, airports, or offices. However, here at Floor Coverings International KC South, we’ve been noticing that more and more people are using carpet tile in their homes as well. If you’re looking for a durable, unique, and versatile flooring option for your Olathe home, then consider going with carpet tiles! Read below to learn if this is the right solution for you.

Carpet Tile Basics

Unlike broadloom or wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet tiles come in square pieces that fit together to form a carpeted floor. They can be installed as glue-down or peel-and-stick tiles, allowing them to be installed over a variety of flooring surfaces. This also means that segments can be easily removed if damaged. The standard size is 18-inch by 18-inch, but other sizes are available.

Durability of Carpet Tile Floors

Carpet tile is so popular in commercial areas because it is very durable. Unlike broadloom carpet, carpet tiles commonly come in short, dense, looped fibers that are resistant to crushing and pilling. While this makes them much more durable against wear and tear, it also makes them less plush and soft than what homeowners generally look for in a carpet. However, there are a number of cut-pile carpet tile options available to homeowners who crave a softer floor but also want the flexibility that removable carpet tiles provide.

Maintaining Carpet Tilescarpet squares in olathe

Carpet tiles are designed to be easy to maintain. Tiles with short, looped fibers won’t trap dirt or grime, so vacuuming will be a breeze. As with any carpet, keep these floors dry and blot up spills as quickly as possible. One advantage that carpet tile has over broadloom carpet is that damaged or stained tiles can be removed and replaced. With damaged wall-to-wall carpeting, you must replace the entire carpet or learn to love the stain.

Carpet Square Design Options

Probably the biggest reason why not all homeowners have started using carpet tile yet is because of the traditionally bland styles that this flooring is known for. However, carpet tiles come in countless colors and they can be easily cut into unique patterns, making them the designer’s dream. It’s for this reason that more and more homeowners are installing carpet tiles in their home. With this flooring, you can get the texture of carpet but in custom designs like herringbone, chevron, or even plaid.

Get Started in Olathe Today

Carpet tiles offer design flexibility, durability, and practicality unmatched by any other floor. Contact Floor Coverings International KC South today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect carpet solution for your Olathe home. We proudly serve Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood and surrounding areas.

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